This activity is good for independent, pair or group work.  It is intended to have students practice with fiction/literary texts.  It is good practice for lower advanced students, as they read and listen to an original fiction story and do activities on the text.  It is also effective practice for AP students, as there is a task with multiple choice questions on the AP exam.

Intended audience: students of advanced Italian (IV, V, AP)

Learning target: understanding fiction/literary pieces

Modes of communication: interpretative reading and listening, presentational writing and speaking, interpersonal speaking and listening

Background structures: pluperfect tense and past perfect tense

Unit context: literary genres, fairy tales & morale 


Lesson components:

• Study vocabulary on flashcards and play with new words
• Listen to the first part of the story
• Write original ending
• Act out the ending and record it
• Listen to the second part of the story
• Discuss on original ending
• Listen and read to the story again with printed text
• Read for a meaning: discuss statements
• Read and answer questions on texts
• Work with idiomatic expressions
• Vote for most original ending
• Multiple choice questions on text
• Exit ticket

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