More publications

Some of my articles on teaching strategies are published in ArcoEdu Magazine, a magazine with a wide offer of articles and reflections on Italian culture, language, literature, art, pedagogy edited by Studio Arcobaleno. 

My article on the first issue was about the effective use of Peardeck in remote teaching and in presence.  You may enjoy reading the first free issue of the magazine on:

ArcoEdu magazine_1

In the following issues, I wrote articles on:
• “The 20-60-20 teaching work frame”
• “Teaching the language through the culture and the culture through the language in the Italian classes.”
• “Insegnare la lingua attraverso la cultura e la cultura attraverso la lingua nelle classi di italiano.”
• “How to create an original podcast with language activities”

I also wrote the didactic support for the novel “Acqua, Aria, Terra, Fuoco”, by Professor Paolo Balboni.  It is a collection of four fairy tales describing the myths of the origin of the Earth.  I created some language activities in support of the tales.  The book is edited by Studio Arcobaleno.

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